Few places can offer as many activities as Voss. At the Auro Farm you will be very close to the following:

  • Voss ski- og tursenter: this is the ski and tour-arena a bit furhter omn the roda here, also ideal for summer hikes in the forests and to the not so high mountains.
  • Voss Fallskjermklubb: Voss sky diving club, watch from Auro as they free fall and sway their way down!
  • Voss hang- og paragliderklubb: Voss Hang and paraglider club, the take off from top end of the cable car and land by the lake almost in the middle of the town centre
  • Parasailing Voss at the Lake Vangsvatnet by the town centre: parasailing and paragliding with a pro pilot, or rent kayaks!
  • Voss Rafting Senter: go rafting, canyoning or kayaking in the beautiful rivers
  • Voss Fjellheisar: the gondola brings you from the town 600 meters up. Enjoy hiking, skiing, or just the view and a meal at the cafeteria.
  • Voss Fjellandsby (Myrkdalen): The ski resort is one more great offer for slalom skiing and mountain hiking
  • Voss now: lots of nice pictures from Voss

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